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Posted On 29th April 2012

A lot is said about the importance of positive body language in interviews. Never have I been made so starkly aware of how we express ourselves without speaking than during the second module of my training to be a London Ambassador for the Olympic Games. Since the core of our job is to welcome visitors […]

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Posted On 22nd April 2012

Let’s knock this one for dead right now. I got rather upset a few weeks ago when a client offered me a lot of money to show her how to access “the hidden jobs market”. I was upset for two reasons. Firstly, she clearly felt the reason for her continuing underemployment was the existence of […]

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Posted On 15th April 2012

As a teenager I belonged to a series of organisations with names so tortuous that no-one could bring themselves to use more than an acronym to refer to them in daily parlance. If asked where I was going as I headed to the door, a bemused parent was met with a barrage of initials so […]

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Posted On 8th April 2012

Yesterday evening, my talent-show loving flatmate introduced me to the latest get-famous-quick phenomenon that is sweeping our screens: BBC1’s The Voice. For the uninitiated, from what I can gather, the judges cannot see the person who is singing so that they judge the person on their singing talent and potential alone, not what they look […]

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Posted On 1st April 2012

One of the questions that frequently comes our way is “how should I format my CV?” As with anything this important, detail matters and some people are astounded when we tell them to keep the formatting simple. Either because they’ve seen sample templates or because they think that something so ordinary cannot make an impression, […]

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