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Posted On 25th November 2012

I have again found myself in the midst of the two page CV debate and it got me thinking. The bottom line, I suggested, is does anyone actually read a CV anyway? I mean READ – start at the top and keep going until they have reached the last word. I very much doubt it. […]

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Posted On 18th November 2012

I’ll start by attributing the title of this blog to a Bid Director I used to work with. She had the unenviable task of marshalling the response to my then employer’s major tenders and would parcel out questions for answer to various members of the team. Frequently, fee earners would complain that their usual processes […]

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Posted On 11th November 2012

My first brush with the new “Endorsement” function on LinkedIn came via the following complaint from a client. I paraphrase: “Heidi: what is this? It feels like LinkedIn is taking over and one of my connections has written complaining that I’ve endorsed him for the wrong things and would I stop it. How do I […]

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