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Posted On 27th January 2013

The annual beano of the world’s business and political leaders in Davos has just finished. Since the world’s economies hardly have any good stories to tell, I can’t think it’s been too cheery an event. Perhaps most poignantly for readers of these pages, the Director-General of the International Labour Organisation has stated that the “jobs […]

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Posted On 20th January 2013

We often get asked what kind of people come to us for assistance. All sorts really. However, there are two groups which outstrip all others: People who have been with one company or organisation for a long time, perhaps most of their career, and have not had to write a CV or attend an interview […]

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Posted On 13th January 2013

Some people join organisations like the Guides and Scouts ambitious to fill their sash or sleeve with row upon row of badges proclaiming their various skills and aptitudes. Others simply to meet other young people and learn new skills. I have been thinking this week how this reflects much about the current job market, especially […]

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Posted On 6th January 2013

“Pleased to meet youHope you get my nameBut what’s puzzling youIs the nature of my game.”             (Jagger/Richards) I can remember reviewing a CV that did not have the name of the person prominently displayed at the top. Once. It was instead written apologetically in small type and overshadowed by his job title which was […]

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