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You can always leave finding the right job to chance, but a professional, organised and knowledgeable approach will surely deliver better results. Below are a series of PDF downloads covering various aspects of the job hunting process and include insights that could be valuable in your own search. If you find what you read useful, contact us to see how our range of bespoke services can help you secure your next job.

Good CV, Poor CV

We look at how to tailor your CV so that it answers the employer’s advertised requirements and stands out from the crowd.


Good LinkedIn, Weak LinkedIn

We look at what it takes to produce a winning LinkedIn profile which will attract attention for all the right reasons.


Don’t miss a trick: write a covering letter that gets read

Covering letters are an important part of your job application. Make sure yours is the icing on the cake.


Never waste a chance: preparing for interview

Preparing is key to maximising your chances at interview. We explore what to do to ensure you perform at your best.


Psychometric tests: preparation and why there’s nothing to fear

If you’re not familiar with them, being told you’ve got to sit psychometric tests as part of a selection process can seem daunting. Our new knowledge paper looks at how you can prepare for them.


Networking the New Way

Published in the spring 2012 edition of ACEVO’s Network magazine, we take a look at how LinkedIn has changed networking and how it can help you as a job hunter.


The Missing Women

David Fielding MBE, Executive Search lead at our partner, attenti, reflects on the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report, Sex and Power 2011, and suggests what women can do to increase their chances of attaining executive positions.


Hopping the fence: writing a CV the private sector will read

Looking to move from the public to the private sector? Read our article, first published in the MJ on 26th May.