Interview Coaching

When was your last interview?

Like many aspects of recruitment, interviews have moved on. Competency based interviews are now the norm at senior level across the public and private sector, and getting successfully through one, is a skill.

It’s not about your talent, your confidence, your experience, which you no doubt have in spades. It’s about your ability to connect the dots for your interviewer, be a powerful presenter, position yourself as their problem solver and match what you have done with the criteria they have laid out.

Doing this on the spot is very, very difficult.

Being a successful interviewee takes practical and mental preparation and having succeeded through the first stages of an application process, leaving this crucial stage to chance is risky.

Interview Coaching will ensure;

  • You have covered off and practiced answering the most likely questions that in my experience and research of the recruiter, you will be asked
  • You answer questions in a clear, succinct, focused and evidence-based way which will securely match the criteria being tested
  • You can demonstrate how you will be the right person to deliver what the organisation needs and solve their problems
  • You have been through a process of delving back into your experience and retrieving examples, outcomes and achievements
  • You have prepared answers to emotional questions or periods in your life such as career breaks or redundancies and can positively and objectively respond
  • You are a stronger presenter, comfortable ‘selling’ yourself and your achievements and powerfully putting forward your case
  • You have practiced interviews and received objective feedback with me in a mock environment

“Without David’s guidance I would not have been able to secure my latest role. His expertise is limitless and ensured that from researching foundations of the company to interview set up, I had all the tools I needed. A thorough ‘mock ‘ interview enabled me to see where improvements were required so that I could engage my prospective employers. Wonderful support all round.” Sam Carvell.