Richmond Solutions is pleased to partner with Amber Occupational Psychology Solutions for psychometric and personality assessment familiarisation.

The accuracy of the assessment process is improved by the use of psychometric testing and personality profiling and increasingly organisations are turning to them to increase the accuracy of their hiring processes.

If you’ve never done them before, these kinds of assessments can seem a little daunting but there’s really nothing to fear.

There is no “pass” mark for these assessments – but feeling more confident about the process and what it entails can help you perform at your best. The insight you gain from taking these assessments outside a recruitment context can also help you plan your next career move.

Through Amber Occupational Psychology Solutions we offer an efficient, individualised service with personalised, expert verbal feedback. We use full length, psychometrics to assess individuals, meaning you will be exposed to the kinds of assessments you will face in a real-life situation. We will also use assessments which are suitable to the stage you have reached in your career and compare your results against appropriate norm groups.

We offer four levels of service:

Psychometric familiarisation and feedback.

This includes three full-length ability tests (such as those from Saville Consulting), appropriate to your level, and you will be sent preparation guides. Afterwards, you will receive reports for each test indicating relative areas of strength and limitations with tips for improving abilities and also telephone feedback with a Chartered Psychologist.

Personality profiling and psychometrics taster.

You will complete a personality questionnaire such as the Saville Consulting WAVE Focus Styles Questionnaire together with an aptitude assessment, such as Swift Analysis Aptitude or Swift Executive Aptitude. You will receive a preparation guide ahead of the assessments. Afterwards, you will receive telephone feedback from a Chartered Psychologist, supported by the following reports:

  • Aptitude assessment results report.
  • Personality profile report.
  • Interview preparation guide, containing key questions for consideration based on your individual profile which can be used to help you prepare for an interview.

Profiling for shortlist/interview experience.

This includes an in-depth personality questionnaire, such as the WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire. Afterwards you will receive:

  • In-depth telephone feedback from a Chartered Psychologist.
  • Your personality profile report.
  • An individualised development guide which includes advice to improve performance at work such as making the most of your strengths, actions to reduce the negative impact of “overplayed strengths” and development tips of how best to manage any areas of limitation.

In-depth Executive Insights.

This includes a tailored suite of profiling instruments specific to your individual needs to help unlock your performance potential. It can provide insights on key areas such as emotional intelligence, leadership derailers, and leadership judgement. Afterwards, you will receive:

  • Telephone or face-to-face feedback with a Chartered Psychologist.
  • Full reports for each profiling instrument used.
  • A personalised development planning tool.

For further information, please contact us via the form below, stating “Occupational Psychology” as the “Reason for making contact”.

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