Supporting statements and covering letters

Supporting statements are often required to accompany an application and producing a good one is painstaking work.

This is because a supporting statement is not just a generic set of words to accompany your CV. It is a sifting mechanism, where an automated system or the person responsible for the first stage sift will search for the keywords matching an often highly detailed person specification.

The more able you are to match the criteria in this statement, the more likely you are to get through to an interview.

This means a mental trawl back through your experience to find evidence, examples and achievements and compile them into a carefully devised, clear and focused statement.

Your supporting statement will be;

  • Expertly matched to the Person Specification criteria
  • Written succinctly but in engaging language
  • Contain all the evidence and examples possible to present a powerful case

One of my clients described my service as ‘life-changing’. This may seem extraordinary for a CV and LinkedIn Profile writer and interview coach. But if you have found yourself looking for your next role and especially if it’s in difficult or challenging circumstances, succeeding will indeed be life-changing.

Job hunting is tough and takes resilience and perseverance. But it also takes skills and tools, to navigate an application and supply high quality, effective marketing documents.

This is what I provide. Tangible tools and skills for the best chance of success.

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